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Maintain a creative mindset and an intelligent budget

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Built for individuals and teams alike

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Easily manage each different facet of your business with BlinkBid’s Personalities feature.

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Currency Converter

Bid in one currency, produce in another, then invoice in the original. A global tool for global business. Lock the job using current exchange rates, then tweak it later for maximum flexibility.

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Electronic Signature

Be prepared for multiple versions of a bid. Never lose track of where you started in the bidding process, and allow you to go back to your first instincts when you need to.

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Terms and Licences

Start with one of BlinkBid’s many templates or copy your own. Create the job’s terms and conditions as well as bid and invoice terms in a minute, and customize as needed.

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Production Management

Add receipts to each line item, actual or anticipated. Wrap reports help you close the job quickly, and color-coding alerts you to outstanding vendor invoices.

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Separate and manage the different facets of your business or assign different cities to individual personalities to manage a global productions company. Individually manage talents as an agent and track overall performance.

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Real-Time Job Sharing

Seamlessly collaborate on jobs with agents, producers, or anyone else on the BlinkBid network. Actively oversee jobs currently in production as it happens and make changes in real-time.

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Bid Revision

Attach an electronic signature request to your Bid or Invoice and track its progress after it’s sent to the client. Work faster and create more.

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Item Catalog

A built-in list with almost every line item you’d need to produce anything. Helps you brainstorm through your initial instincts and reminds you of all the little details that often get forgotten.

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Advance Invoice

Use the Advance Invoice feature to bill for an advance before you start production. Never forget to indicate the received advances on your final invoice.

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Online Payment

Get paid faster with BlinkBid’s Online Payment feature. Easily insert a “pay now” button onto your invoice so the client can click and quickly pay you via credit card.

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Line Item Groups (LIGs)

Save a group of line items you use frequently with specific rates and markups. Make the Line Item Groups as you go, or pre-curate them inside your My Jobs section.

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Comprehensive Reports

Our reports have everything you need. Profit & Loss, Accounts Receivable, Invoices and Tax, Cash Received, Won/Lost jobs and Usage License tracker. Never miss a beat.

Slide "Thank you very much!
You have the best customer service I have ever dealt with."
Ian Goodall, Canada Trusted by the best
Slide "BlinkBid is the answer to my dreams. Quotes that used to take hours to assemble and organize fly together in minutes. My clients get clear, comprehensible documentation." Mimi Dornack, National Geographic Trusted by the best Slide "BlinkBid has been great with adding agent-specific features.
It helps me remember every last detail of complex shoots."
Heather Elder, Agent Trusted by the best
Slide “…Your service is amazing. Blinkbid is a wonderful product that keeps getting better; customer service like that is unusual in the wonderful world of software.” Hans Peter Meyer, Canada Trusted by the best Slide “Just a note to say how Blinkbid has improved my attitude towards the work of bidding jobs. This program has saved me so much time and effort. Thank you for making your software user friendly and stylish. I also appreciate the outstanding customer service I will be passing on recommendations to my peers in this industry.” Kim Cook, Denver, CO Trusted by the best Slide “Honestly, Blinkbid saves me so much time, I couldn’t imagine running my business without it these days.” Thomas Pickard Trusted by the best

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do, paying annually can save you up to 40%, depending on the plan you choose.

Yes, they are. This is why we do a trial period vs a trial version, so you can have full and unfettered access to all that BlinkBid has to offer.
No. We take your credit card information only after your trial period expires. If BlinkBid is not right for you, no problem, simply cancel and that’s that.
You will be asked to input your credit card information. Your credit card will be charged for the tier and billing period that you chose.
A personality is the future of what it means to be a creative professional. Sometimes, I shoot portraits. Sometimes, I’m hired as a commercial photographer. Sometimes, I’m producing a film set. I can create a personality based on the type of creative professional I’m hired to be.