$14per month paid annually
  • $16 month to month
  • The power of a studio in an individual package
  • 1 user
  • 1 personality
  • unlimited jobs


$22per month paid annually
  • $26 month to month
  • Multiple income streams, multiple business hats
  • 1 user
  • 10 personalities
  • unlimited jobs


$29per month paid annually
  • $34 month to month
  • Perfect for a small work group
  • 3 users
  • 10 personalities
  • unlimited jobs


$60per month paid annually
  • $74 month to month
  • Studio, production companies, partnerships
  • 5 users
  • 25 personalities
  • unlimited jobs

ENTERPRISE: Larger agencies, production companies, and the like, we will tailor a plan to fit your specific needs and budget. Please see our Enterprise page to learn more.

EDUCATION: If you are a student or educator, we have a fabulous discount available for you. Please see our Education page for more details.

What type of BlinkBid user are you?


You’re a part-time professional. Photography is a money- making passion play that keeps you in the creative space—but not all the time.

You’ve got another gig, or maybe you’re just out of the gate, navigating the shark-infested waters of this mad industry, and the bulk of your money needs to go to gear, portfolios, and lunches with art producers.

We’ve got you covered. BlinkBid’s Solo-Lite tier is for you. It is our most economic offering and comes with 1 user, 1 personality, unlimited jobs, and the ability to collaborate with anyone on the BlinkBid network.


You’re in the thick of it, managing two or more income streams such as advertising photography, small video productions, and some wedding photography.

Or maybe you’re working in two countries with two different tax codes, and you need to manage the jobs from each country separately.

Or you could be an agent with a small but growing stable of talent, each individual assigned to a personality with a unique logo and item catalog.

BlinkBid’s Solo tier is just what you need. It comes with 1 user, 10 personalities, unlimited jobs, and the ability to collaborate with anyone on the BlinkBid network.


You and your partner have a rockin’ studio, and each of you manage your own jobs.

Thankfully, you were wise enough to bring in a bookkeeper once a week to maintain order amidst the chaos of billing and expenses.

You really need two-and-a-half user accounts (one for you, one for your partner, and access for your bookkeeper).

Or, maybe you’re a producer with a full-time production manager. The extra login makes your life easier because your PM can log in and help you manage all your jobs from HQ.

Or you could be a growing agency with two principals, a nice-sized stable of talent, and a bookkeeper who doubles as a mother figure to keep you from spending all your profits on parties.

BlinkBid’s Solo Plus tier is perfect for your company. It comes with 3 users, 10 personalities, unlimited jobs, and the ability to collaborate with anyone on the BlinkBid network.


You walk into your studio and a lot of people are running around. Someone runs up to you, hands you a cappuccino, and calls you “boss.” You have no idea who they are, but you see that things are hopping, and that makes you happy.

Or maybe you’re a production company managing multiple shoots, both still and motion. You’re collaborating with freelance producers, location scouts, and set designers using BlinkBid’s epic job-sharing feature.

Or you could be an agency with a large stable of talent and several agents. You’re sharing jobs with producers and making deals on the phone.

BlinkBid’s Prime tier is our premier offering. It has the power of an enterprise product for a price that makes sense for medium-sized companies. It comes with 5 users, 25 personalities, unlimited jobs, and the ability to collaborate with anyone on the BlinkBid network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a discount for annual plans?

Yes, we do, paying annually can save you up to 23%, depending on the plan you choose.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for a trial?

No. We take your credit card information only after your trial period expires. If BlinkBid is not right for you, no problem, simply cancel and that’s that.

Are all the features available during the trial?

Yes, they are. This is why we do a trial period vs a trial version, so you can have full and unfettered access to all that BlinkBid has to offer.

What happens when my trial ends?

You will be asked to input your credit card information. Your credit card will be charged for tier and billing period that you chose.