Partnerships and Integrations

At BlinkBid, we partner with like-minded companies and organizations so you have everything you need to produce a job in one product.

Our Partnerships

aiop - BlinkBid


In collaboration with AICP, we created an AICP item catalog to align your bid with AICP standards. Learn more.


Our partnership with AMA lets you easily align your bids with AMA standards. Learn more.


Our integration with QuickBooks allows you to easily sync your jobs to your accounting software. Learn more.


Our integration with Stripe gives you the ability to attach online payments to invoices. Learn more.

Freelance Producers

BlinkBid’s Freelance Accounts allow you to easily manage collaborations with freelancers. Learn more.

Accounting Bridge

Our Accounting Bridge add-on establishes a connection between BlinkBid and any accounting program. Learn more.

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