BlinkBid Enterprise

Powerful and flexible software to manage the business side of creative production.

BlinkBid Enterprise is a specific solution for larger agencies, studios, and production companies.

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A call, a job, a 30 day trial. We do the rest.

  • Chat with us, we’ll assess your needs.
  • Send us one of your jobs, to see how something you know looks in our software.
  • Start a 30 day trial and see how BlinkBid Enterprise will save you tons of time and money and bring you marked efficiencies.

BlinkBid Enterprise is a division of BlinkBid designed with specific infrastructure to support bigger clients.


Easy collaboration with producers, clients, freelancers and more

Bid revisions, unlimited

Real time job sharing and changes

Templates and quick start

AICP compliant

Advance Invoices

Easy online payment 

Multiple countries 

Jobs in multiple currencies

Job approval electronically

Legal templates, terms and conditions

Multiple personalities, multiple business units, multiple talents

Total control of production costs


Working Budgets

Wrap job

Real time production profit and loss

Comprehensive reports per talent, per business unit or country

Custom reports for your specific needs (add-on)

Integration with accounting

Integration with CRM (add on)

About BlinkBid

A crew of coders, cocktail mavens, creatives, a rock star, a poet, an MBA and a hacker!

BlinkBid is designed to embolden creative professionals with a tool to help them be business savvy. From its inception more than fifteen years ago, BlinkBid came from the experiences of a lot of different creatives. As we grew, we took some of the top art producers from the top ad agencies out for drinks. They gave us critical insight about what they look for in a well formatted, easy-to-read bid. Then the line producers and agents found out that we liked having research meetings at cocktail lounges, so we took them out for drinks too. What you see in BlinkBid Infinity is a culmination of expertise from every facet of this industry. BlinkBid, the company, is made up of coders, cocktail mavens, creatives, a rock star, a poet, an MBA, and a hacker on the lam from Interpol — all paid by a guy named Lou. We’re passionate about the work that we do and the service we provide. Above all, we care about our customers.

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