Live Event Producers

Organization is the key to event success.

While no event is exactly the same, many share common elements. With BlinkBid’s feature set, you can store or duplicate the myriad facets of your jobs, so you are constantly building and improving on your past experiences. Infinitely customizable, BlinkBid is designed to work for you, on your terms.

Agility and resourcefulness, the same skills required to bid and produce, are also at the very core of BlinkBid.

When we designed BlinkBid bidding and producing software, we went to the streets of the industries we serve and asked what was needed in a bidding and producing software. The result is a remarkably powerful software ready to cover almost every scenario, without being heavy.

BlinkBid In A Nutshell

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No hidden onboarding fees. The subscription fee is the only fee.


Trusted by large and small companies as well as individual freelancers.


We know we’ve got what you need. We’ve been at this for a while.

Easy to Use

Intuitive so anyone can sit down and get up to speed in about 20 minutes.

Start with a helping hand. Create a job once and duplicate it to save time, or simply design your own group of line items.

  • Our industry specific item catalogs, including AICP, AICE, and Commercial Photography, provide a comprehensive list of line items for any job. A good place to start to fashion your first bid, but by no means the only way to get going. We respect experience and offer other options for ramping up a new gig as quick as possible.
  • Go back in your database of jobs and open a job that is similar to what you are currently bidding. Then duplicate it—which simply means only duplicating the bits of the job you need.
  • If a specific group of line items you use frequently in many jobs will make a good template for future use, turn them into a named line item group and import them into any future job.

Real-Time Job Sharing

  • Seamlessly collaborate on jobs with agents, producers, or anyone else on the BlinkBid network.
  • Actively oversee jobs currently in production as-it-happens, and make changes in real time.

Multiple Revisions

  • This business is creative in product and also in negotiation. BlinkBid offers limitless bid revisions. As clients change scope, and you field a myriad of accommodations, create endlessly new revisions knowing you can always go back to the start, or anywhere along the path to final approval.

Currency Converter

  • Bid in a currency you know, present in the currency of the client, produce in your familiar currency, invoice in the client’s. Or, any other variation of that theme. Once the conversion has been assigned to the job—pulled from current exchange rates—BlinkBid lets you tweak the currency conversion rate of the job for granular control, if you need it.

Made for large companies, or individual freelancers

  • BlinkBid was designed to be scalable. Among our customer base are thousands of freelancers and large companies like National Geographic and Making Pictures. We understand collaboration and have built in features to accommodate that.
  • All the employees of a company have access to all the jobs.
  • Share just the production part of a job with a freelance producer.


  • BlinkBid personalities are designed to house different types of business under one umbrella. If the west side of the office does broadcast commercials and video, while the east side does post production and visual effects—they can all live in one software under different personalities. Each personality carries its own settings from logo, to tax, to reporting. BlinkBid gives you the freedom to structure your company any way you want. Think of personalities like separate departments, or different disciplines, or far flung cities, or distinct talent. Anyway you want to operate, we’re ready.


  • Track production expenses with receipts, or time, or both. Take money from one line item to balance an overage on another line item. Run production reports to make sure you’re on budget. Whether the job is shared with an outside producer or everything is happening in-house, all the changes occur in real time.

Just the Beginning

These are just a few of our marquee features, and we’ve got more. Check out some of our videos at , or drop us a line . We’ve got a fabulous crew of clever folks who come from the creative industries and are ready to answer all your questions.

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