Easy Bid Building

BlinkBid gives you an item catalog of everything that you could possibly need for a production. Just click on an item and watch it slide over to your bid. With a definitive list to scan through you’re less likely to forget anything to realize your vision. You’ll look more professional, and you’ll free your mind to do the creative work. The work that you get paid to do.

Watch the item catalog in action.


Easily Track Revisions

We work in a capricious business. The first bid is usually just the start of the discussion to land a job. We believe that you should have the freedom to iterate your bids—two days on location vs shooting in studio, etc.—without losing track of where you started. As you negotiate, BlinkBid’s revision feature lets you easily create new versions of your bid without losing your old ones.

Advance Invoices

Here’s the conundrum. Your bid has been approved and the job has been awarded. Now the client wants an invoice for the advance. The thing is that you can’t generate an invoice until you’re done with production. We’ve got you covered. Generate an advance invoice based on the estimate. Simply enter a number and let BlinkBid do the rest. Once generated BlinkBid keeps track of up to two advances and sends them over to the invoice as paid items when your job is ready to bill.

Watch the advance invoice in action.


Some of the best productions in the visual arts are the result of a collaborative effort. Whether you’re working with an agent, consultant, producer, or all three, BlinkBid’s robust, realtime job sharing feature allows your fellow BlinkBid users to help you bid, and produce your jobs. Simply enter their email address and you’re connected.

Also, don’t forget your friends. Sometimes you just need another set of eyes on your bid to help clear the cruft. With BlinkBid it’s easy and flawless.

Watch job sharing in action.


Well-run productions are profitable productions. BlinkBid’s production feature is the first of its kind in the world. Track the budget of each line item by adding receipts as they come in. If you don’t have a receipt in hand, but you know it’s coming—like an invoice from a crew member—mark it as anticipated. We’ll color and mark the receipt so you’ll always know which invoices you have to chase down.

Have an item that went over budget? BlinkBid’s exclusive adjustment feature lets you appropriate money from a line item with a surplus to keep your production balanced. Add overage tracking and an easy wrap feature and you’ve just cut your production organization time in half.

Watch the production feature in action.


View Anywhere

BlinkBid Online is responsive. View job statuses from any mobile device, anytime. It’s an awesome feature to check in and see how bidding and production are progressing. Or, if you’re in a meeting with a client and you need to show them an invoice, you can do it instantly with BlinkBid Online.

We Know This Industry

From its inception eight years ago BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals with a tool to help make them business savvy without the complexity that would take them away from being creative. BlinkBid Online takes that mandate to the cloud so you can access, collaborate, bid, produce, and invoice from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the future of business software for creative professionals, welcome to BlinkBid Online.