Love + Honey Co

Thank you @blinkbid for making my life a-lot-a-bit easier.

Heather Elder, Agent

Blinkbid has been great with adding agent-specific features in their online app. It helps me remember every last detail of complex shoots.

Kathryn MacDonald

Lovin’ the online estimating software @blinkbid for my photo business. Can invoice from anywhere now.

Simon Hare, Miami, FL

I no longer dread having to estimate/invoice a job. Blinkbid is intuitive and pleasant to use.

Ian Goodall, Canada

Thank you very much! You have the best customer service I have ever dealt with.

Robert Durell

Thanks again for producing a great piece of software. I can’t imagine operating (and staying organized) without it.

Kim Cook, Denver, CO

Just a note to say how Blinkbid has improved my attitude towards the work of bidding jobs. This program has saved me so much time and effort. Thank you for making your software user friendly and stylish. I also appreciate the outstanding customer service I will be passing on recommendations to my peers in this industry.

Mimi Dornack, National Geographic

Before I knew about Blinkbid, I used to dream about finding software that was tailored for my business needs as a photo agent. Blinkbid is the answer to my dreams. Quotes that used to take hours to assemble and organize fly together in minutes. I can work collaboratively on-line regardless of where my colleagues and I are located. The program helps me remember every last detail of complex shoots and is endlessly adaptable for unique situations that crop up. Editing is a breeze. And in the end my clients get clear, comprehensible documentation.

Hans Peter Meyer, Canada

…Your service is amazing. Blinkbid is a wonderful product that keeps getting better; customer service like that is unusual in the wonderful world of software.

Mike Narciso, Bay Area, CA

What a great program. This is going to make things so much easier for me. I spend hours on bids and contracts and legal stuff. This is much more professional. Thank you very much.

Thomas Pickard

Honestly, Blinkbid saves me so much time, I couldn’t imagine running my business without it these days.

DJ Bradley, Sulaymaniya, Iraq

The other day I received a phone call from your support team telling me that my inbox was full and thus they couldn’t help me via email so they called (…). Thank you very much! I was very surprised when they called me to help me, even though I’m half way around the world in Iraq! Thank you very much for providing GREAT customer service along with a great product!

Angel Burns, Los Angeles, CA

Finally got started using Blinkbid and I gotta tell ya, it’s going to be life-changing! Thank you so much for developing it. I had hand-created all my own forms, T&C, license/delivery memo etc, most redone after your book came out. But as volume increased it was getting tediously time consuming and disparate (and also as my logo changed with rebranding). Blinkbid is everything I hoped and more. Efficient, professional, one-stop shopping. NICELY done, Lou.

Joel Benjamin, Boston, MA

I LOVE YOU GUYS! You never fail to impress and I am still amazed at how great this program is and how great your customer service is. This was so easy. You can quote me. Clearly you have brought me back from the brink of billing disaster! Thanks, Joel.

John Schweikert

I just appreciate that you guys take suggested features seriously. I bought Blinkbid recently and quite happily after using Fotobiz for 5 years and Photobyte for 5 years prior to that and I can’t even remember the defunct app before then… But anyway, the simplicity, layout and customization of Blinkbid is great.

Steven J. Aquilino

I have to say, the few times I have had to contact you guys with a customer service question, you have all been so fast and so great. You have by far some of the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Thanks for the great work!