We get how you work.

BlinkBid understands creative professionals. We're dedicated to being the business side of your creative life. Our cloud-based software offers several unique features to organize the chaos of bidding, production and invoicing. We know this is a collaborative industry, which is why BlinkBid allows information sharing amongst its users. Ideal photography studio management software if you are in constant interaction with multiple professionals and managing more than one job at the same time.

Creativity flows when your mind is free. With BlinkBid as your business partner, you'll stop wasting time struggling with word processor templates and arcane spreadsheets. You'll also avoid the frustration of searching your hard drive for a file when you can have all of your jobs neatly organized in one place accessible from any computer in the world. Free your mind of the mundane task of job management and give your creativity room to grow.

Join the thousands in the industry who already use BlinkBid.

From up-and-comers to seasoned veterans, large and small agencies to production companies,
BlinkBid has the perfectly priced tier for you.

Trusted by the best.

From its inception, BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals. Our commitment to this mission earned us the trust of some of the most influential organizations in the industry.

“Apostrophe looks to hire outside producers who are BlinkBid users. It saves us time and makes collaboration easy so that
we can focus on winning jobs and promoting for the next one.”

Kelly Montez – Founder - Apostrophe - New York

How can BlinkBid make bidding and production easier for you?

Easy bid building

BlinkBid is simple. Click a button for a laundry list of everything that you might need for a job. We call it an Item Catalog. Look and click, look and click, to add items to your job. Then start entering your numbers. BlinkBid is designed to make sure that nothing is forgotten. And if you have your own special rigs or other items, BlinkBid’s Item Catalog is totally customizable. Watch the Item Catalog in action.


Whether you’re working with an agent, consultant, producer, or all three, BlinkBid’s robust, real-time job sharing feature allows your fellow BlinkBid users to seamlessly work with you on your job. It’s as easy as entering an email address. And of course we give you the option to close the connection at any time. Watch the Job Sharing in action

Built for producers

BlinkBid is cloud based. That means you can access it from any computer, at any time, from anywhere in the world. It also means that your data is safe. So if your computer goes down, or is stolen, all your jobs are securely stored on our server that is backed up constantly and tested for integrity every month. The ideal photography studio management software. You can also view job statuses from any mobile device and check in to see how bidding and production are progressing.

Our tailored pricing offers a plan that’s right for you.

Whether it’s photography, commercial production, event planning, or any other creative endeavors, BlinkBid gives you exactly what you need. The ideal photography studio management software.