Migration is easy because we do it for you.

If you’re currently a user of BlinkBid on the desktop, from version 4 all the way up to version 7, we can move all your data up to BlinkBid Online. Best of all, we do all the work for you, leaving you free to do other, more fun things. So follow the steps below … and relax, we got this.

Before you migrate

Don’t create an account

Do not create an account at BlinkBid Online before you migrate. If you did already, tell us at support at blinkbid dot com and we’ll delete it and create a new one when we migrate you.

Clean up data

If you wish, clean up your data on the desktop version of BlinkBid. If you have a pile of old contacts and jobs or even personalities that you want to get rid of, delete them before you migrate. It will just make the whole process cleaner.

Ready to move?

Ready to move your data to the Cloud? Get started today! Just follow the steps below. We’re here to help, so do not hesitate to contact us with your questions at support at blinkbid dot com.

What we need from You:

1. BlinkBid version

We need to know your BlinkBid version. To find that information, start your copy of BlinkBid desktop. Under the About menu, note which version of BlinkBid you have.

2. Quit software

Quit BlinkBid. This is important, so really make sure BlinkBid is quit.

3. Go to documents

Go to your Documents > Blinkbid folder on your computer. There you’ll see one or more files entitled BBBAK and ending in a number. That number is the version number that you just looked up.

4. Compress file

Click once and only once to select that BBBAK file with the version number you looked up. Choose Compress from the File menu to create a zip file. See image below.

5. Email file

Email that zip file to us at support at blinkbid dot com with the subject “Migrate Me.” To set up your account we’ll need an email address for you. We’ll default to the from address used to send us the file. If you’d like us to use a different one indicate that in your email. We’ll get back to you in a few hours with a link for you to set up your account.

6. Done!

We’ll take care of the rest. Within four hours you’ll get a link from us to create a password for your new online account, and then you can choose a BlinkBid Online tier. Welcome to BlinkBid Online!

Welcome to the future of business software for creative professionals. Welcome to BlinkBid Online.