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Students can apply for a BlinkBid scholarship which is two years of BlinkBid for free. Contact us with your request. You must be a student with a current, valid ID, or a student that has graduated within six months of the date displayed on your ID. After you contact us we’ll respond asking for a mobile phone snap of your ID or fee bill.

Full time educators also qualify for two years of BlinkBid for free. Contact us with your request.

Part time educators with proof of education employment qualify for 50% off of their first two years of their BlinkBid subscription. As above, contact us with your request.

Fabulously informative articles

Knowledge is power. Below are some informative articles that offer some of the basics about
the business side of being a creative professional.

The Structure of the Bid

There is a common perception that a photography bid is merely a set of numbers that are hopefully close to what the client wants to spend on their commission. That’s only a small part of the story. In its entirety, bidding is an art form that relies on finesse and experience, not unlike the art of photography.

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Military Style

He sat behind a large 35 mm movie camera with his eye glued to the eye piece and a cloud of smoke floating above his worn red baseball cap. There were dozens of other people on the set. Extras, crew members, cops. They all milled about a respectful distance from the man with the cigar who kept popping his head up from behind the camera to look at the cordoned off street of downtown Los Angeles in front of him.

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The Psychology Behind Photography Bids

There are these magic times when you’ll get called to shoot a job because of who you are. Your style, your demeanor, and your ability to execute. The only question that remains is money. This is a comparative bid. You and the agency already like each other, and you want to work together, but you’re just trying to find common ground about costs. Oh, and by the way, there are probably two other photographers, equally as skilled as you, in contention. This type of bid is based on money and talent.

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The Players and the Wackadoo Process of an Advertising Campaign

I was at lunch with my friend Annie Ross. Annie had been an art producer for 27 years and had earned an amazing reputation as being highly effective while also being one of the nicest people you’ll ever encounter. We were trying to conjure a word that we could use to describe our industry to the brave photographers venturing into advertising. Wackadoo is all we could come up with.

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Understanding Usage Licenses

“Usage License” is one of those phrases that gets bandied about without a complete understanding about what it is, and how critical it is for you as a photographer, illustrator or any other commercial creative artist. It is the legal language that defines the parameters of how, when and where your creative work can be used. This applies to work that you’ve been hired to create, as well as any existing work that is solicited for use. A usage license is the agent of your copyright. To bring some clarity as well as dispelling misinformation about usage licenses and copyright we’ve created this list of frequently asked questions.

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