If you don't know your locus in quo from your exempli gratia, you're not alone. These terms are reserved for judges and lawyers, not for creative types like us. Yet, so much of our livelihood depends on communication that clarifies where and for how long our images may be used. It’s a significant negotiating point in our business. This is why we encourage our users to avail themselves of our legal features.

BlinkBid empowers you to:

  • Manage your legal rights as a photographer with our Usage License Builder, even if you license your work for unlimited time and use.
  • Always communicate when you want to get your money for all your hard work.
  • Be clear who pays for what when an act of nature delays your productions.

bid effectively

Usage License Builder

It’s a little feature that asks you a few simple questions and builds you a usage license that appears on your bid and final invoice. It then tracks the expiration of your usage license so you can keep track of future opportunities for additional revenue by selling extended rights.

Because we don’t believe that one size fits all, BlinkBid also empowers our users to store and utilize their own legal language. It’s the ultimate in ease and customizability.

Estimate and Invoice Terms

When you bid a job, and you don’t hear back from a client for a year, how do you explain that your bid was only good for two weeks from the date that it was generated? Or how do you make sure that the client knows that your final invoice is due as soon as they receive it?

These are your estimate and invoice terms, the tenets of clear communication that are essential components needed to run a successful business. While they may be a bit boring, these terms are easily implemented with BlinkBid’s built-in default language feature that will get you up and running faster than sending an email.

Terms and Conditions

Another nice feature that BlinkBid offers is a Terms and Conditions sheet that you can append to your bids. We have it available for several countries. This covers the obvious to the arcane. Like: who pays for the crew and rentals when there is a weather delay? All these legal elements may seem somewhat superfluous—until you need them.

We get how you work.

From its inception more than eight years ago, BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals with a tool to help make them business savvy without the complexity that would take them away from being creative.