The Item Catalog in BlinkBid:

  • Helps you brainstorm through your initial instincts.
  • Reminds you of all the little details that often get forgotten.
  • Empowers you to manage only what you need for a more efficient production.
  • Lets you add, delete, and modify the item catalog to your specific, individual needs.

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bid effectively

gut pass

First imagine all the things that you’ll need to bring your photography job to fruition. Now create a new job in BlinkBid and start scrolling through the Item Catalog, clicking on the items that you’ll need. This is your first pass, also known as the gut pass. It’s like a brainstorm based on your initial instinct.


Now that you have that done, start at the top of the Item Catalog again. Scroll through once more. As items go by, you’ll be shocked at how the list will jog your memory about the forgotten items that you need to make your shoot a success.


This is how bids have been done for decades: a long list of items that producers pick and choose from to make their production a reality. Unlike the forms of old, which could be cumbersome, BlinkBid empowers you to only add those items you really need for your gig. It’s the best of both worlds: a list to remind you of everything, combined with the power to only view the things that you really need to manage any particular job.

enhance the bid

BlinkBid has several different tools for you to customize, detail, explain, tailor and adapt each bid to your needs and communicate with all the involved parties in the most efficient way possible. For example, see the Item Notes feature below.

We get how you work.

From its inception more than eight years ago, BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals with a tool to help make them business savvy without the complexity that would take them away from being creative.

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