Easily Track Revisions

"Wait. What was that middle one again?” Landing a job is part numbers and part art. As you go through the process of finding a sweet spot for your client or ad agency, (one that balances budget with creative ambition), you'll likely have to generate multiple bids. Your first heroic effort might be awesome, but it also might require more efficiency in locations. Or the client may need to weigh a three-day shoot with overtime versus a five-day shoot with normal hours. The thing is, each version of a bid that you present will have some positive elements to it. Which is why we despise the idea of altering a solid bid to make a new version.

One of BlinkBid's exclusive features is bid Revisions. You make a bid, then make a new revision and hack away, confident in the knowledge that your original bid is only two clicks away. Each job in BlinkBid can have unlimited revisions. Of course, if you're on version 188 of a bid, we suggest that there might be something amiss with your client, and remind you that life is short.

Often, your first version of a bid is close to perfect, but you don’t realize it until half a dozen scenarios have been played out. With BlinkBid’s Revisions feature, each version is easy to find. And you can name them to clearly identify and delineate each version.

BlinkBid helps you:

  • Be prepared for multiple versions of a bid.
  • Never lose track of where you started in the bidding process, and allow you to go back to your first instincts when you need to.
  • Prove that you can be creative in order to produce your vision, and you have business acumen to accommodate a client’s budget.

unlimited revisions, all easy to find and manage

We get how you work.

From its inception more than eight years ago, BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals with a tool to help make them business savvy without the complexity that would take them away from being creative.