The photography industry is wrought with unexpected surprises. Ones that pop up when you’re least prepared for them. This year alone, BlinkBid counted dozens of instances of users who went out of town and left work behind in the studio, only to get a call about a bid. This is one of the things we love about our cloud-based software. You can access your business environment, that you’ve spent tons of time setting up, from any computer in the world—including the business center at your hotel. Simply log in and go.

Other unexpected surprises come from damage and theft. Maybe a well-meaning assistant, looking to get more speed out of your laptop, dumps a cup of coffee on your keyboard. Or maybe, as you drift off to dreamland while riding a train, you wake up to find that someone has considerately lifted the burden of holding your laptop on your knees while you were surveying the backs of your eyelids. We don’t even need to mention the mislaid, the forgotten, or the countless other reasons you and your computer might have been separated.

Why we love BlinkBid Online:

  • You can access your bidding and invoicing system from any computer, anywhere.
  • You can also view job statuses from any mobile device and check in to see how bidding and production are progressing.
  • Your data is safe and backed up. If your computer goes down, you lose none of your critical business information.
  • Your work environment remains the same no matter which computer you access.

your data is safe and secure