Business Flow: Estimate-Production-Invoice

In this business, you'll often hear that bidding is an art. This axiom exists because bidding is all about revealing through numbers your creative ability to execute an assignment.

BlinkBid’s interface helps you:

  • Stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Start every jobs with an estimate or bid and build from there.
  • Use the right tools at the right time. Each phase has its own set of tools to make every part of your job go smoothly.

For example, say you’ve been hired to bid on a job that requires shooting multiple different scenes. A less experienced producer might try to stretch their budget over multiple locations across town, incurring a time expense in travel to get to all the locations. But someone with more experience might scout out, say, a college campus with a myriad of types of landscapes, buildings, and rooms.

On a campus, a basecamp can be established to allow the shooting crew to venture out short distances, then come back and reset for the next shot. Digital, makeup, hair, and wardrobe can all live at basecamp, which makes the production more nimble. Fewer company moves (a term that means uprooting your entire production to switch locations) means more money can be allocated toward the actual shooting of the images. This can also be referred to as putting more money on screen, which comes from motion productions lingo. But it sounds good to clients, so feel free to use the phrase in photography productions as well.

Since bidding is indeed an art, BlinkBid is set up to keep you focused on one phase of the job at a time. This is indicated by the green train track at the top of the window of a job. There are three phases to a job: estimate, production, and invoice. Each phase has its own set of tools, but doesn’t disorient the user by looking vastly different from the other windows. When you log into Blinkbid, the job will always open in its active phase. This focused approach reduces missed and mistaken entries and keeps productions highly efficient.

We get how you work.

From its inception more than eight years ago, BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals with a tool to help make them business savvy without the complexity that would take them away from being creative.