The money people at agencies are funny. They will approve an estimate and agree to pay you a percentage of that estimate up front to get the job started—in other words, an advance. But they won't give you the money based on the estimate document itself, because it says estimate on it rather than invoice. But you can't submit an invoice for the job yet, because you haven't actually started production. Don't worry, we figured it all out for you.

BlinkBid empowers users to print an Advance Invoice—an invoice generated from an estimate. Simply enter the percentage of the job that you've agreed will be the advance amount, and BlinkBid will print you an Advance Invoice. BlinkBid will also remember that you generated an advance, and will add the amount as a payment received line item on the final invoice. And because BlinkBid was forged in the trenches of production, we know exactly what sort of invoicing obstacles you encounter. So we’ve also created the option to manage two advances for those productions that are on a three-thirds payment schedule. Don't let vernacular get in your way of getting an advance!

With BlinkBid’s invoicing tool, you can:

  • Use the Advance Invoice feature to bill for an advance before you start production.
  • Never forget to indicate the received advances on your final invoice.
  • Be ready to utilize the three-thirds payment schedule.

BlinkBid handles industry standard advances

We get how you work.

From its inception more than eight years ago, BlinkBid was designed to empower creative professionals with a tool to help make them business savvy without the complexity that would take them away from being creative.