Printing Problems

There are three common printing issues that users typically encounter.

Not all the line items are printing. Not all the pages are printing. The document is not fitting correctly on the page.

All these issues are symptoms of how your …

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Backup Error on Quit

If you are getting an error that Blinkbid can’t save its backup files when you quit the software, it’s because we don’t have permission to create the folders that we need to store you backup files. This usually occurs with …

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Foreign Language Localization

BlinkBid is multilingual. We’re consistently increasing the number of languages we support. If your language isn’t available yet, let us know and we’ll work with you to incorporate it right away.

To set up BlinkBid for your language, follow the …

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Red Circle Slash on Update

If you end up with a red circle slash though your application icon after updating Blinkbid, it’s because you’re using an older version of Mac OS X.

The fix is simple. Go to your Applications > Blinkbid folder and delete …

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To create a new job template from the estimate for invoice you are working on, or to access an existing template, choose the appropriate item under the Job menu in the Estimate or Invoice window.

Note that templates only store …

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Labels, Email Lists and Exporting Contacts

Blinkbid can print labels, export an email list or export a vCard of all or selected contacts. To get started navigate to the Address Book in the sidebar and then click on the Expanded View button. You’ll encounter the phrase …

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Finding Contacts

Seek the people you wish to find so that you may work with them. The Open Job window only searches in the Contact, Client and Job Number field. If you need a more comprehensive search in all the fields of …

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