Today I’m going to tell you about three United Kingdom specific features that were included in version 6.05 especially for our British customers.

  1. The big news this version was a our updated multi-lingual usage license builder. However the improvements weren’t just about different languages, they were also about different laws. Version 6.05 references United Kingdom Law specifically when you generate your usage licenses.

    Usage license united kingdom

  2. Tax where tax is due. When generating an advance invoice from the from the Estimate window in Blinkbid, the software asks if you would like to apply tax to the Advance Invoice.

    Adding Taxes to an Advance Invoice for the UK

  3. The agency line item. If your agency includes an above the line agency fee in the bid, Blinkbid as an easy way to add that line item. Under the Job menu in the menu bar of the Estimate or Invoice window choose Add Agency Line Item and the percentage of the above the line fees your agency charges and Blinkbid does the rest.

    Adding Agency Fees to a bid

    Agency fee united kingdom bid

Back here in California we’ve got one eye on surf conditions and the other on the creative industries around the world. We have a passion for providing the definitive business bidding tool for whichever market you work in. If you need something for your part of the world drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.