Extending the Radical Sale ‘Till Tuesday

This morning we were deluged with emails asking if we could extend our 149.00 sale to mark the release of Military Style, an article on how to best manage your photography set.

So we are.

Get Blinkbid for only 149.00, that’s 80 bucks off of our retail price. Use discount code 5006 in the discount code field on the purchase window within the app. The sale will be shut down forever tomorrow May 19th at 2 p.m. Pacific Time so don’t delay. Download Blinkbid today, and get the world’s best photographic bidding software at a great price.

Blinkbid and the UK Advance Taxes


Ever vigilant, and always over caffeinated, we had a fantastic time working with a few of the amazing London based production studios to get our heads around how the tax system works in the United Kingdom. The result, which was released today in version 7.04, is in the image below.


If you check the UK Advance option in the tax settings, Blinkbid will apply tax to the advance as it always has, but then on the final invoice it will parse out the advance amount only and display the new subtotal less that parsed amount. This has already proven to be a significant help as UK clients can easily see he financial breakdown of the job.

The Psychology Behind Photography Bids


The comparative vs competitive bid.

There are these magic times when you’ll get called to shoot a job because of who you are. Your style, your demeanor, and your ability to execute. The only question that remains is money. This is a comparative bid. You and the agency already like each other, and you want to work together, but you’re just trying to find common ground about costs. Oh, and by the way, there are probably two other photographers, equally as skilled as you, in contention. This type of bid is based on money and talent.

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Understanding Usage Licenses

“Usage License” is one of those phrases that gets bandied about without a complete understanding about what it is, and how critical it is for you as a photographer, illustrator or any other commercial creative artist. It is the legal language that defines the parameters of how, when and where your creative work can be used. This applies to work that you’ve been hired to create, as well as any existing work that is solicited for use. A usage license is the agent of your copyright. To bring some clarity as well as dispelling misinformation about usage licenses and copyright we’ve created this list of frequently asked questions.

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Blinkbid’s 3 Nevers of Photo Business

Effective bidding is a game of subtlety, Blinkbid helps keep your bidding balanced by starting you off on solid footing.

Never struggle with formatting a spreadsheet, or word processing document again.

Blinkbid arranges your numbers in an easy to read format that ad agencies and design firms love. Your time is valuable, we want you to have more of it while also effectively communicating with your client.

Never forget an item in your budget.

Blinkbid has an extensive list of line items that sit quietly to the right of your bid. Easy to glance at and easy to click on to add to your bid. Our customers love that our catalog of line items is a gentle reminder of the myriad of things necessary for a successful shoot. With Blinkbid, you’ll never go over budget because you forgot to consider a key component for your job.

Never compromise your copyright, and other legal rights.

Blinkbid has a built in, easy to use usage license builder to define your copyright usage. We also include Terms & Conditions, and estimate and invoice terms that, once set up, automatically become a part of each new job.

With a robust production budget management tool, epic customer service, a single database to store all your jobs, and a host of additional useful features, Blinkbid is the definitive business tool that will empower the business side of your photography.